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MC Earthworx ranks standards of Occupational Safety and Health equally in importance with other major organisational objectives.

It is recognized that the benefits to be gained from effective Safety and Health are great both in human and economic terms.


Current legislative requirements relating to Occupational Safety and Health are the minimum acceptable performance standards. Through ongoing development, MC Earthworx will strive to achieve a higher level of excellence.


We will develop, implement and maintain a system of management processes that will enable us to:

  • Continually plan, develop, implement, monitor and improve health & safety plans and procedures;
  • Provide clear direction through strong policy on commitment, accountability, and the setting and achievement of targets;
  • Enforce our common aim of Zero Harm in the workplace;
  • Perform our duties in a safe and healthy manner;
  • Provide communication about health and safety as a normal component of all aspects of work;
  • Promote a “no smoking” policy in all company buildings, vehicles and machinery;
  • Provide an alcohol and drug free working environment;
  • Encourage others to work in a safe & healthy manner;
  • Report and rectify any unsafe conditions and unsafe acts that come to our attention;
  • Continually improve the health & safety culture by providing feedback on health & safety issues;
  • Be professional in our approach to all tasks.